Do nothing.. get rich!!! LMAO.. SCAM & BS

Are you not sick of the "Do Nothing and Get Rich" syndrome?

What happens if:

[+] You go to high school and "Do Nothing"

[+] Go to college and "Do Nothing"

[+] Start a new job and "Do Nothing"

Here is the answer and we all know it!!

You will FAIL miserably!

So why is it that so many people fall into the true SCAM of things like..

[+] Click a button and get rich
[+] "I will build your downline for you"
[+] Do 5 minutes a day and get rich...
Dammit.. honestly all that crap really upsets me to the core..


Its all a SCAM and BS!!

I will tell it to you again.. are you ready?
Getting RICH by doing nothing does not exist or we would all be rich!!
The best way of getting rich is by starting your own business!
Before you dive in full let me explain both the pro's and con's of starting your own business! (MLM or direct sales)

Here are the con's

[+] At the start you very often work with little to now return on investment or no pay at all. (It's the hardest at the start)

[+] You often work longer hours but that usually is because you love what you are doing so it often never feels like "work"
Here are the pro's

[+] You will never ever again trade "Time for Money". We all have limited time which means you will always be broke when you trade time for money

[+] You have to love what you do!! And often you do!!

[+] Through leverage you create true "time freedom" to do what ever you want. More time with family, more time for hobbies, more time for vacations.

[+] You "make money" all the time, weather you are away on holiday or not!!

This is my personal favorite as often some people will start a business which it totally dependent on them being there.
Which means they are again trading "time for money".

In my humble option a true business is a system that you can walk away from and still get paid 24 hours a day 7 days a week!


It is extremely hard starting a business simply because the reward in pay at the beginning is about 10 cents an hour! (or less)


Every single self made millionaire works their butt off day in and day out


All of them started with little to no pay, and some even went millions in the hole..


What is really nice about the Pie online business is you can put in "sweat equity" but I can guarantee you that you will never go bankrupt starting a business with us!!

[+] Starting a restaurant is $400 000

[+] Starting a grass cutting business is $500

[+] Starting a lemonade stand is $30.00

[+] Starting an international marketing and software business with us is $50.00 and less than $50 a month!!

Like I said...

One of the benefits of starting a business online is the time freedom that you create for yourself and your family. I was a bit silent this past few weeks as I took the liberty in watching my son at his wrestling tournament...

Or Imagine, last Tuesday I went in for surgery, but even on the operating table I still was making money.

No NOT Paid Time Off. I was actually making sales while off in "la la" land...

No boss to ask.. no "Can I go" you just go!!

Believe me I do not take that lightly as time freedom is an amazing thing to have.

Yes while asleep having cochlear surgery we made a whopping extra$ 4345.44 in sales (My surgery was 2.5 hours long)

This is not to brag.. this is to tell you at first it is not easy... but it is sooooooo worth it!!

I think where people go wrong is time freedom doesn't mean you still don't work your butt off. In fact as an entrepreneur you often work harder.. Why? Because you love it and the harder you work, the more proportional is your income :-)

You can do this!! I know you can My Friend but it takes the most commitment at the start with the smallest reward in pay.
It is like rolling a snowball up hill, as you roll it gets bigger and heavier and harder. But once you get to the top and push it down the other side you simply can not stop the momentum!!!

So when the momentum comes the work gets FUN!!

So look... this week we got in 5000 or so  entrepreneurs.
5000 is a lot but not in comparison to what will come!

It is not too late!!

It is only $50.00 to try us out... so its not the dollars, its the skepticism.

Don't be a skeptic why?


You can do this:
[+] ThePie 24/7 opportunity is simple to understand

[+] The product is in huge demand

[+]We have a true "Completely Done For You" marketing system

[+] Even if you might be having trouble our company is different wemeet with you LIVE twice a week to mentor and guide you to your success

Our whole team is truly here to guide you, mentor you and coach you so that you can achieve the lifestyle that you not only dream about but deserve!

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