​Employing Technology to Grow Faster

Employing Technology to Grow Faster

There are two kinds of Network Marketing businesses: those that occasionally work, and those that consistently duplicate… And if you’re interested in building a business that consistently duplicates—so you can earn more money and create more free time to enjoy your life—you need to be using a system; sometimes referred to as your daily method of operation. 

Now it is important to understand there are two different kinds of systems: 

1) How you learn the business (the knowledge part), 

and 2) How you build the business (the activity part). In a perfect world both systems would be the same—what you learn is what you do. Let me explain… 

Learning to Grow Faster When it comes to the knowledge part, the best system to learn the Network Marketing business is to read for 30 minutes everyday, listen to an audio program for 30 minutes every day, and to take four classes every year. The idea here is that as you get better, building your business will get easier. 

Does this mean everything you read, hear, or learn, should become a part of what you do—part of your daily method of operation? No. Because when it comes to our background, our ability, or our belief, we can all be a little bit different. Therefore, some people may need to work on a certain skill, or get better, in a certain area that is not necessarily a part of the system… 

For example, while some may need to give attention to improving their attitude, others may need to build their belief in the Network Marketing industry, or even in their company, as still others go to work on becoming more comfortable around strangers. After all, if you had a bad attitude, didn’t believe in what you were doing, and were afraid to talk to people, building a successful business would be all but impossible regardless of your daily method of operation. 

The Reality The reality is that in order to have the best chance of success in Network Marketing, you need to have a systematic way of progressively educating all those you bring into your business along with a daily method of operation they can follow to actually build the business. 

After all, how will you acquire the prospecting skills you need in order to grow your Empire? How will you become an effective presenter of your business? How will you become a team leader others are happy to follow? 

The answer, again, is to have an on-going, step-by-step, progressive educational system in place that allows everyone on your team to get better over time… True, when it comes to your daily method of operation—the activity part of actually building the business—you do need to make sure everyone is on the same page.

For example, because prospecting is (or will be) very important in your overall success, where exactly will you find all those hot prospects to talk to? Your warm market, the cold market, or some combination of the two? And how will you present your business to the people you find? Will you conduct in-home events, use one-on-one appointments, invite potential prospects to listen to a recorded call, or will you attempt to direct them to your Website? And once your prospect says, “Yes!” how will you teach them the skills you learned so they can successfully build their business? Simple. 

You will teach them your progressive education system. So how successful can you become using a well-designed system? Well, Orjan Saele of Oslo, Norway, together with his team, managed to build an organization of 300,000+ distributors throughout Scandinavia (a feat similar to running a four-minute mile). 

And he is not alone… Indeed, well-designed systems utilizing progressive education as their foundation really do work! Remember what I stated in the second paragraph? …

it is important to understand there are two different kinds of systems: 

1) How you learn the business (the knowledge part), 

and 2) How you build the business (the activity part). 

To show you how this works, I have put together what I believe to be the best way to actually learn the business: 

1) How to help them get started. 

2) How to help them survive the first month in the business. 

3) How to help them achieve their first promotion. 

4) How to help them teach others the same system, etc. 

This how you learn the business system will ensure your new business-builder gets started right, and understands the benefits of progressive education… The system will teach them how to prospect, present, and duplicate, along with how to create the right success mindset. It will then walk them through a step-by-step workshop-style program designed to ensure they put into practice all that they have learned. Best of all, by getting everyone on the same page, you will be able to invest your time actually building the business bigger and BIGGER instead of feeling like you’re starting all over again! 

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