How To Join Our Crowdfunding Cochlear Buddy Campaign

How To Join Our Crowdfunding Cochlear Buddy Campaign


I would like to HELP YOU, by me helping you I will be able to raise all the funds I need to get a cochlear implant which cost $60,000 plus.


Here’s how easy it is using my new crowdfunding system to turn .035 Bitcoin into 1,000 Bitcoins every month.

It’s just .035 ($35 USD) Bitcoin to register with Cooperative Crowdfunding and then just complete the 3 steps...

1. Register as an Active Donor $35
2. Help 3 register as Active Donors
3. Make sure your team duplicates


You get paid weekly e.g. if you earn $1,256 dollars this week you will get paid next week and because it is residual YOUR EARNINGS WILL INCREASE EVERY WEEK.

You can use Bitcoin to register using Payza and you can have your funds withdrawn in Bitcoin.

Please click here and let’s FUND our way to wealth! WATCH the video, then click on the Raise Money For Anything link and look at page 11 for the breakdown.

I know it’s ONLY $35 BUT if you don’t believe then register for free and do the 3 steps, build your team and prove it works. It’s an exact replica.

My compensation systems are second to none and this one is a one-of-kind system that I’ve developed in-house over a 10-year period.

That’s why I LOVE THIS SYSTEM so much, I only get my cochlear implant if you get the funds you want! Please let me HELP YOU

Cochlear Buddies



David Giudice


The Cowboy Jedi

Office - 256-217-4257

Cell -Text Only - 256-509-5658


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