I know why you've got a broke ass blog. - [Content Heavy]

If your blog isn't making you any
money then you've got a broke
ass blog
and I think I know why.

Allow me to explain ...

The other day I asked people to
share their blog URL. If you are one
of the many people who let me
review your blog, thank you.

I've actually been reviewing blogs all
day and I saw a lot of things that
could be improved.

Here's the top 3 things I noticed:

1. Not capturing leads.

Most people weren't trying to capture
leads. You must have a prominent
opt-in form on your blog so you can
collect email addresses and follow up.

If you aren't capturing leads then you
need to address this as once the
visitor is gone they aren't coming back.

2. Poor blog design.

A lot of people had blogs that looked
old or had poor graphics. The very
first thing your blog is judged on is
appearance, so make sure you use
professionally created graphics.

You also want to avoid flashing
banners as they won't attract more
clicks, they'll attract more closes.

You also don't need to use that font
people can hardly read. Arial,
Verdana or Tahoma will do just fine.

Oh, and while I'm here, keep your
color scheme nice and clean. Unless
you're in some weird niche we don't
need to see bright pinks, oranges,
yellows or purples.

3. Outdated or poor content.

How can you expect to make money
from your blog if the content you
post is outdated, not relevant, or
not offering anything of value?

Also, do you really think people will
want to read that PLR content that
you haven't even bothered to read

No! Thought not.

Content is the most important thing
you need to master, if your content
is poor people will leave, but if your
content is awesome people will want
to learn more from you.

Now, there are a LOT more things
that most people needed to fix on
their blogs, but these were just
the top 3 items that I noticed.

If you are guilty of any of these
things you need to address them, and
if by any chance you are guilty of all 3
my guess is you've probably already
gave up on blogging as you aren't
making any money from it.


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Until next timeā€¦


David Giudice


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