What Is The CoopCrowd Fund

CoopCrowd.Fund is the world’s first cooperative crowdfunding system.

100% of each donation can go to fund more than a dozen campaigns around the world. When a donation is made 25% goes to the chosen campaign and the other 75% can be spread out to many other worthy causes in a cooperative and oragnized manner.

This means as word spreads about your campaign, you may receive donations from hundreds or even thousands of donors globally, even if you don’t know them!

CoopCrowd.Fund is a fundraising movement designed to charities, businesses and individuals raise funds for virtually any legal endeavour of their choosing. And may we be so bold a to suggest, that If you are in need - your primary project be you because you can’t help others before you help yourself.

  • 100% Of The Donations Are Allotted For Endeavors
  • Funds Are Released Daily
  • No Funding Caps
  • Unlimited Donors
  • Donations Are Accepted And Distributed Globally
  • No Deadlines Or Goal Requirements
  • You Keep Every Donation You Receive


Since the beginning of time Donating has always been a meaningful endeavour. However, in today’s tough economic times donating has become a struggle – do I pay my phone bill or support my cause – we have removed the stress and now you can do both and more.


Donate your way to wealth by becoming a Hero Donor using the most uncomplicated and rewarding system ever devised to help individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses to fund virtually anything!

What Happens To My Donation?

100% of all donations are set aside for our beneficiaries in the following 3 ways:

1. 25% to the Primary Beneficiary

2. 50% to the Coop Beneficiaries

3. 25% to Coop Bonus Beneficiaries

The Primary Beneficiary is the inviter of the Donor and immediately receives 25% of all personal donations.

Coop Beneficiaries 50% of all donations are assigned to the Coop through 10 generations ranging from 2.5% to 10%.

Coop Bonus Beneficiary 25% of all donations worldwide are pooled and made available to Qualified Hero Donor's.

A Qualified Hero Donor can receive A Monthly 7-figure Campaign Donation Residuals.

The same 100% distribution applies to renewals.

What Do I Need To Do?


Register as a Hero Donor


Share your Donor Key


Receive donations




Beacuse we ALL win!

There are 3 kind of Donor heroes:

1. Campaign Manager setup a campaign

2. Active Donor made a donation of $50

3. Qualified Donor personally helped 3 or more become Active Donor’s who have in turn helped 3 or more become Active Donor’s

We employ a new concept that replaces the outdated MLM model with a true team system approach called:


We Help Our Hero Donor's Get Funded:

  • Personal Website And Donor Key
  • A Done-For-You Marketing System
  • A Real-Time Dashboard
  • Live, Written And Recorded Support
  • A Personal EWallet To Withdraw Funds



CoopCrowd Fund Donations represent 50% of each donation and are spread over 10 generations ranging from 2.5% to 10%.This is a very rewarding aspect of the CoopCrowd Fund System and has people all over the world willingly wanting to help others because in return they can be helped many times over. The Coop Beneficiaries can receive donations from hundreds and even tens of thousands of donors they’ve never met from all over the world.

Below is a breakdown of the COOP donations you can receive as an Active Donor because of leverage through 10 levels.


CoopCrowd.Fund helps make your PASSION, your DREAM, your WISH a reality and with each donation you get to help others do the same.



Fund your idea with no investment other than a few minutes of your time, create your personal campaign and then use our fundraising tools to share your passion with the world.

Your 21st Century Bake Sale!

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