When I help you we each become more!

Our mission is to help get you all the funds you want and need!

I would like to HELP YOU, by me helping you I will be able to raise all the funds I need to get a cochlear implant which cost $60,000 plus. My insurance would only cover one ear how ever I'm deaf in both ears. 

 I only get my cochlear implant if you get the funds you want! Please let me HELP YOU. You can be a part of my dream in helping me to have full hearing, and a more productive member of society.

Basic Facts To Become A Successful Active Donor: 

Get Started and raise funds for any legal purpose

Make a $25 donation plus a $10 setup fee

• Setup and Share your campaign with everyone

• Use your free tools on your dashboard daily to automate your campaign 

100% Of Donations are distributed in 3 easy to understand ways 

1. 25% Primary Donations from the people you invite 

2. 50% in Coop Donations ranging from 2.5% - 10% through 10 levels 

3. 25% set aside for Donation Bonuses

The System is based on 3 x 10 matrix model 

• Everyone gets their own Personal Donor Matrix within the single Company Matrix.

• Help 3 who duplicate to leverage 88,572 donors. 

• Invite as many people as you like and they ALL fall in your Personal Donor Matrix

Help 3 and your donation is covered = $26.25

You receive 25% of $25 = $6.25 

You receive first level matrix donations of 10% of $25 = $2.50 

$8.75 x 3 = $26.25 your is covered

3 who have 3 allows you to receive the highest levels of donations

Donor 0 personal donors 

Active Donor 1 Personal donors 

Qualified Donor 3 personal donors who each have 3

Donation bonuses can be received from an unlimited number of levels

@ $25 a completed matrix has a donation payout of $142,005 every 28 days, as a Qualified Donor and when bonuses are included that amount increases to $972,753 every 28 days