Who is David Giudice The Cowboy Jedi?

Working with The Cowboy Jedi

I cover an extremely wide range of skills that you wouldn’t find with other traditional bloggers, and because of that I can offer a number of different services.

David Giudice is an author, freelance writer, and comdeian . He has worked with a number of major blogs such as Pie 24/7, Empower Network, Success Affiliate Network, now currently with The Enterpreneurial Business Academy.


If you’re looking for a blogger's point of view with real-time updates and coverage, then we would love to hear from you.

Alternatively, we are looking to work with many differnt venders and businesses, which will not only go up on our website but on our popular YouTube channel too.

How can we work together?


Competitions and giveaways

Live social media coverage

Press trips

Social media consultancy

Twitter chats


Writing (blog and copywriting)

Why should you work with David Giudice?

I have been blogging since 2002, been involved in the network marketing and internet marketing industry since 1995, and since then I've created The Cowboy Jedi Blog in 2016 I have worked with companies such as Empower Network United States,  Success Affiliate Network in Canada and with Pie 24/7 based in Toronto Canada.

Due to the fact I have all worked in creative production, I'm extremely professional and I'm able to deliver exactly what you need. One of the best ways of working with the Cowboy Jedi is to let him come up with creative campaigns that best suit your needs.

My background in online and print journalism means I deliver highly engaging content. Also, we have all been involved in video production, from producing to shooting to acting to editing. This means we can produce award-winning quality content few others can.

Collectively, the I've have been all over the world where I've have travelled, volunteered and worked abroad.

David Giudice and Network Marketing

If you want to reach success in Network Marketing, there is probably no one on earth better qualified to help you than David Giudice. David is an icon in the profession and his journey of rising from being a deaf guy to internet marketer and is a true American success story.

David now uses a Cochlear Implant and has the ability to hear yet he still reads lips during conversations. David is also fluent in ASL known as American Sign Language so he can interpet for the deaf on a limited bases. 

David has arguably mentored more Deaf in MLM. He helped introduce Network Marketing in many developing countries, and trained the top income earners in literally dozens of companies. Most importantly, David teaches from real-world experience, having earned thousands of dollars as a distributor in the field with several differnt companies.

For the first time ever, David has taken his 25 plus years of experince and is creating the curriculum for this virtual training platform. When you enroll into David's team he will be helping you and your team know exactly how to reach the top levels of success..

David Interpeting At A Major Event

David is an avid Vaper who does a weekly VapersTV Show Thursday  Nights at 6 pm Central Standard Usa Time. The Show is Called The Irish Vape Pub.

See The Irish Vape Pub Here

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