Yellow-Belly Subscriber Brands Me As A Sociopath

Wait til you hear this one;

Another whiner crawled out of The Great
Douchebag of Shame only this time;

This guy didn't even have the balls
to email me directly - instead he messaged
one of my IM buddies instead.


Here's what this wise sayer of truth
had to say;

"David Giudice comes across as
a sociopath with an extremely low
level of EQ.

I could write my thoughts to him
but I suspect he wouldn’t get it
and would respond abusively.

[DG - little old me? ]

My inclination was to unsubscribe,
which I did.

[DG - He didn't. He couldn't
resist my sociopathic charms - but
I unsubbed him anyway, more on
that in a sec ]

My second inclination was to ask
for a refund on the recent purchases
but I decided I would just let it simmer
for a little while longer, as I haven’t had
a chance to go through his course yet
and maybe it is good.

I predict that using upsells and one
time offers will not outlast 2016."


After wiping the tears of hilarity
from my face about the "Impending
doom of upsells" I gathered my
sociopathic thoughts and penned
the following reply;

"Dear ____,

1. I would have appreciated such
candour personally

2. I say what I say and do what I do
because it's who I am and I'm not
changing that for anyone. I also do it
because it works.

The moment I get advice from someone
making more than $60k a month online
I will treat it with the attention it deserves.

Until then - it's merely opinion and
usually from someone with less
experience, results and
success than myself.

3. I polarize and it's the only way
to be - if you try to bend over
backwards to please everyone
you are vanilla and that is boring
(and is salesmanship at its worst)

4. I've saved you the bother and
have refunded you just now.

Just as you have a choice about
who you do business with, so do I."

I also unsubscribed him and
blacklisted him from buying
any of my products ever again.


This is not about being abrasive
or sociopathic.

It's about being true to yourself,
not taking crap from anyone and
most importantly;




#1. Buy David T Rosen's Pie 24/7" from the
special link below


Yours sociopathically,

David Giudice

(c) Copyright. All rights reserved.
Don't even try to copy or swipe this
email because even my lawyers
have lawyers.

If you can't stand the edutainment heat
and want to get out of my email kitchen
you can unsubscribe below. Farewell,
it's been emotional.